Virtual Hosting provides a short and long term multi-tenant virtual infrastructure service, allowing you to rent managed virtual servers, storage, Internet and perimeter security via a simple pay as you go service fee on a standard contract term basis.

With Virtual Hosting, there is no need to invest in expensive upfront hardware and software to run your business application environments.

The monthly rental includes all hardware resourcing, hypervisor, operating system licensing. We will provide you

  • A fully operational managed hosting grade platform
  • Speeds up your implementation and go to market timeframe
  • Eliminate hardware and operating system implementation build time: freeing up your IT resources to concentrate on your applications
  • Design to suit your specific needs
  • Operating system of choice – Windows, Redhat or Solaris
  • Hardware resource of choice with respect of VRAM and VCPU
  • SAN Storage on a per GB usage basis
  • Internet connectivity on a per usage or per port basis